Double Sided Bookmark

This was designed for a client that I also design the cups for. They are pretty cool ideas for people to advertise on...

Orem Utah T-shirt

This design started as 2 separate water color "swirls," then scanned into Photoshop, next traced in Illustrator. Then I did various things to it and ta da, here is the finished product!

New logo design

This was a different logo to design. The client was very specific about what they wanted and ended up very happy with the result.

Alta Healthcare logo

Not that this is very exciting I figured I should update...

This is a logo that I illustrated in Adobe Illustrator.

Pointe Digital Videography and Photography Brochure

This was a really fun project to work with. I had freedom to design what I wanted and incredible photos to use!

The "ribbons" and logo I created in Illustrator. The textured backgrounds were done in Photoshop and the overall layout was put together in InDesign.

It is a brochure that can be inserted into a DVD case. It is a trifold so what you are looking at is the open spread.

Below are the individual pages. (to show more detail)

front cover

inside page 1

inside page 2

inside page 3

inside fold

back cover